Straw and Bamboo Case Set
Straw and Bamboo Case Set
Straw and Bamboo Case Set

Straw and Bamboo Case Set

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Cut down on your single-use plastic consumption with our reusable bamboo straws and carrying case for on-the-go sipping. Easily clean both with the nylon-bristled brush.

Keep in mind that since the straws and cases are made from bamboo, some variation in coloring and shape is natural -- each set is unique.

Each set includes:

  • 2 bamboo straws (8 in. long)
  • 1 bamboo carrying case (8.5 in. long)
  • 1 nylon-bristled brush

Care instructions:

The straws are dishwasher safe; however, we recommend hand washing to extend the life of your straw. Clean the outside of your bamboo case with a damp cloth, and the interior with the brush. Avoid getting the case wet, which could lead the bamboo to expand and crack. Allow both the straws and the case to fully dry after cleaning, and store in a well-ventilated area. 

Bamboo is a natural material, and just a bit of care will leave your set in its best shape!

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